Pokemon Diamond GBA

Pokemon Diamond GBA

Originally released for the Nintendo DS (the spiritual successor of the Nintendo Game Boy system), Pokémon Diamond was later released for the Game Boy Advance and absolutely smashed sales records left and right (and for the reason)!

You see, this video game came out in 2007 and up until its release there were a handful of Pokemon games available for the DS and the GBA, but none of them were true RPG style games the way that Pokemon games always were.

Pokemon Diamond came along and continued to be RPG classic series that people had gone crazy for, adding new Pokemon to capture, new worlds to explore, and new features to the game that would become staples and foundational aspects included in almost all Pokemon titles in the last 10 years.

Released with Pokemon Pearl GBA at the same time, Diamond went on to explode sales records. Both of these titles became the best selling games in the history of the Nintendo DS and when they were finally ported over to the GBA they smashed sales records there as well. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, off course, as Pokémon games have been selling hundreds of millions of copies ever since the first two were released and they likely will continue to sell hundreds of millions of copies for as long as this series continues to exist.

It’s easier to play your favorite “classic” Pokemon games now than ever before

The coolest thing about the advance in modern technology (especially from a gaming stand point) is that it’s now possible to play all of your favorite classic Pokemon games from the past on ANY gaming device (practically) all thanks to the power of emulator software and ROM game files.

That’s right – if you’ve been dying to dive headfirst back into everything that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl GBA game play had to offer but don’t have a Nintendo DS or a GBA any longer, you will be able to fire these games up on your phone, your tablet, or your Android gaming console without any headache or hassle whatsoever.

Get your hands on the right emulator software

There are plenty of different emulator options available on the market today when it comes time to fire up your favorite Pokemon Diamond ROM or Pearl GBA ROM, but when all is said and done few of them are as complete or as customizable as the RetroArc system is.

100% free of charge, open source, and available on pretty much every platform imaginable – including Android and iOS systems – you will be able to fire of this emulator to play ALL of your favorite classic games including Pokémon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.

Get your hands on the right ROM files

At the same time, the best emulators in the world (including the one that we highlighted above) aren’t going to come preloaded with all of the game files you’ll need to actually dive headfirst back into the world of Pokemon – at least not right off the bat, anyway.

To do this you are going to have to download and install Pokemon Diamond ROM files and Pokemon Pearl GBA ROM files, both of which you are going to have to locate on the web and download only from trusted sources.

These ROM files include all of the game assets you need to play these titles (think of them as the software version of the gap cartridges you used in the past), but because they are software you need to make sure they come only from legitimate sources and aren’t filled with viruses or malicious code.

Thankfully, finding rounds for GBA Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is simple and straightforward and always just a quick Google search away. Use trusted resources to get these files, load them up on your emulator, and start playing your favorite classic Pokemon games on your phone, tablet, computer, or gaming console.

It doesn’t get much better than that!